Bike Safe Hotty | Christine

June 6, 2010


Christine, ever the vivacious peach, is militantly passionate about her craft(s). Want to adore her? Then treat her like a classy lady.

Hey hey, where you going all crazy on your bike, Christine? Is it because I just uttered, “I have a hard-on for torresmo” or “my cock is a gobble monster?” Shit, that was not classy. <Ooooph!>

Ride: Fixed-up Supercycle with rearview mirror, reflectors & lights on the tires/rear/front, big old squeezy (“honky honky!”) horn and wicker basket to store mini ghettoblaster (possible safe alternative to wearing headphones)

Favourite Bike Route/Destination: Loves riding along Don Valley river and hopping onto the Edwards Gardens path, which winds all the way down to the Waterfront sans cars. Scopes and picks-up down there as well at Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Christine - windswept

H&P’s Safe Bike Hotties photoseries starts here

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